Type : Refractory Fibres in Blanket Form.

Cerablanket : 1260° C /2300° F

Cerachem Blanket : 1425° C/2600° F


They are available in roll form in a wide variety of densities and thicknesses, in Z-Blok modular block form or in special shapes to meet exactly the customers requirements.
These blankets are made from exceptionally long uniform refractory fibres produced by the latest state of the art spinning technology of 'Thermal Ceramics, France'. The blankets do not contain any binder and have excellent strength and resilience prior to and after heating.
These blankets have excellent resistance to chemical attack as they are essentially unaffected by all chemicals except hydrofluoric acids and strong alkalies. If wet by oil or water their thermal and physical properties will be fully restored after drying. Their sound absorption ability is greater than that of other dense or insulating refractories.
The refractory fibre blanket Cerablanket is made from long Cerafiber® of pure alumina and silica constituents.
The refractory fibre blanket Cerachem Blanket is made from long Cerachem fibres of alumina and silica constituents and zirconia.


Excellent Thermal Stability
The high purity fibres have good resistance to devitrification.
Low Shrinkage
The blankets have low shrinkage at elevated temperatures.
Good Cold Strength
The blankets will resist damage in applications where there are subjected to a great deal of handling.

Excellent Hot Strength
The blankets will stay put on fastening device after exposure to high temperatures.
Maximum service temperature :
Maximum service temperatures are dependant on application.Other one-off applications may allow these temperatures to be exceeded.
Low Heat Storage
The blankets store approximately 95 % less heat than dense firebrick and approximately 75 % less heat than insulating firebrick.


The refractory fibres used to manufacture these blankets are thermally stable at high temperatures.
Excellent strength after heating assures they will stay put on the furnace lining anchors.
Good strength prior to heating, so they will resist damage during installation.


Removable insulating blankets for steam and gas turbines.
Insulation wrap on investment casting molds.
Reusable insulation blankets for field stress relieving of welds.
Flexible high temperature pipe insulation.
Sound absorption applications at high temperatures.
Glass furnace crown insulation.
High temperature gasketing.

Low velocity stack linings.
Temporary repair of refractory furnace linings and roofs.
Fire protection.
Furnace door seals.
Annealing cover bottom seals.
High temperature filter media.
Nuclear insulation applications.