Thermocole / EPS is ideal for: Packing of Fragile Articles like Electronics and Electrical goods, Glassware, Precesion and Lab instruments etc.
Used as containers for Medicines and important Drugs. Ideal for perishable goods like Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, etc.
Effective and Efficient insulation for Low temperature appliances i.e. Cold Storage, Industrial Refrigeration, Refrigerated Vans, Sound Insulation, Commerical and Household Air Conditioning.
Used as multiple layer staggeres and broken joint arrangement in pipeline insulation carrying chilled brine or water, Air conditioning ducts etc.


Low thermal conductivity and moisture absorbing properties gives protection from temperature variation and humidity.
Satin Finish, Snow white and Clear.
Fungus resistant contains Accoustics properties.
Light weight and Shock proof.
Non-toxic and Leak proof.
Provides Cushioning against breakage, withstand extraordinary stress and vibration.
Versatile - can be easily moulded in any size, shape and thickness.


We offers a wide range of Insulation Slabs and Pipe Sections with or without lamination for diverse application such as lamination for under-deck roof insulation, construction and insulation of pre-fabricated modular rooms for refrigerated ware-housing, cold storages and reefer containers Architectural Panelling & Partitions for Offices, Computer rooms and false-ceilings handling equipment in critical industries where temperature conditions play a very important role and also for sound absorption Sound absorption treatment of walls and ceilings, accoustic enclosures.


In certain cases for higher temperature, special poly-isocyanurate pipe sections & slabs may be supplied on request which can withstand temperature of upto as high as 140C. Fixing of Slabs & Pipe sections is normally done with local adhesives or bitumen.
Puf Slabs & Pipe sections are available in standard sizes and also special sizes as per Customer's technical requirement.